Leanne & Darcy McAlister
Canada / Asia

Darcy and Leanne McAlister are stepping into a new chapter with International Mission. They will begin to work in the areas of non-formal leadership development. Their passion is for leaders to lead from a place of health and wholeness. Darcy and Leanne use coaching, mentoring, marriage ministry, seminars and team building to accomplish this! They will be based in Asia for 6 months of the year, responding to the significant need and request for help from leaders in Asia. The other 6 months will be based in Canada serving the Canadian context in the same way, but with a focus on developing and resourcing women (ZOE Resources) and helping men and women lead together

Alison & Brody Naknakim

We have been involved in the following ministry areas: Worship, Funerals, Youth, Culture, Fundraising, Elders, House Meetings, Sunday School and Recreation Outreach. We strive to put Jesus Christ first in our lives and look to Him for guidance in our walk as we are used for His glory. With many tremendous challenges comes many blessings. Keep us in prayer as we follow the path of the One who transcends all understanding and guards our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.

Aaron and Rebecca
Ran Network www.rannetwork.com

 Aaron and Rebecca have served together in ministry for the last 15 years. They believe in helping, advocating, and providing practical support to the marginalized through sharing about Jesus. 

"Our hearts have always been for Asia, especially for those who do not have the same access to the gospel that we have in the West. Our ministry will focus on developing and discipling Christian leaders and bringing the love of God to the unreached and vulnerable."